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Unbraked speed without restrictions

With your account you can enjoy unlimited speed. No matter what Mbps connection you are surfing with, we will maximize your speed. For us, unbraked speed also means unbraked speed!

Optimization of our connections: We are constantly optimizing our network so that we can offer you the fastest and shortest paths in Usenet.

Maximum security and uncensored replacement

Privacy is very important to us, therefore we do not pass on any information to third parties and guarantee that you are the master of your data.
Are you also annoyed that you're becoming a victim of censorship on the Internet? With you can communicate and exchange 100% securely and uncensored. To guarantee your security, we also offer 256-bit SSL encryption from login to connection.

Professional and dedicated customer support

Personal answers:

You will receive personal answers from us and not run-of-the-mill standard templates!


We are always available for you immediately!

You can ask us anything: support does not only solve password problems. We take care of configuration, optimization of speed and all problems and questions you have around the Usenet.
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